Sunday, September 12, 2010

Myr Tokens!

I gave into an impulse to practice digital "painting" in photoshop that has resulted in the creation of three Myr tokens, the image for the third one pictured to the right.

Myr Token 1.0
Myr Token 2.0
Myr Token 3.0

The progression of quality (from "ew" to "I'll admit to drawing this) is the result of listening to feedback and experimenting in PhotoShop, and it's tempting to just stop everything else and keep on experimenting. I've gots comics to make, however, so that will have to wait. I am hoping to make more Myr tokens before the Scars of Mirrodin pre-release, however.

You can find all of these together and more in my Magic Cards and Tokens folder on DA. Just don't hurt me after you've seen the custom Birds of Paradise proxy.


  1. Ah, but these are no mere tokens! *whapped*

    Yeah, I've already printed out seven copies of the 3.0 token and stickered them to leftover "tips 'n tricks" cards. (And if you wanted to make more awesome useful tokens, well...)

  2. I will bring these to the prerelease