Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Yes

I am ready for Saturday.

And now, let us gaze into a future blog post through the power of MAGIC....

I didn't get any Myr cards. At all. Not even a freakin' common. I mean, I figured I might not get to use the tokens, but COME ON!

It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I was giddy when they handed out the packs, but as my hopes dwindled with the opening of each Myr-less pack, I knew what it was to experience despair.

You know what deck I had to make? A beaver deck. Yeah. Beavers. Turns out there are beavers in Scars. They're the primary creature race for red, and their gimmick is forest destruction. NONE OF MY OPPONENTS PLAYED GREEN! I had an army of wood chomping beavers, and all they could do is stand around bewildered in the plains, sink in the swamps, and wonder why the hell they were red creatures in the mountains!

They were cool with the islands, though. Swam around, made chit-chat with those four-armed dudes... That was okay.


  1. I've had moments like that. You really want a certain card and each time you open a pack you think, "I just KNOW I'll get it this time! I can see it now! C'mon....CRAP! Missed out again...".

    The good news is that I can still get that Baneslayer Angel at a small shop on the way to school for $25 a pop. Maybe not right away, but at least I know they're there if I want them. ^_^

  2. Actually, I work at Wizards and yeah, last minute Beavers. Sorry 'bout that Dan. Our bad. We thought that replacing goblins with forest destroyers was a good idea.

  3. My friend is buying boxes of Scar of Mirrodin expansion pack. Rich bastard. When is it releasing again?

  4. @ Nameless One

    Really? Cool! But what was the thinking behind taking the golins out for beavers? I really curious since I'm a new player.